Offering a wide range of PVC products like PVC mist eliminators of various types, PVC mist louvers of various types, PVC pipes of various sizes, PVC diffusers, PVC grills, LG square louver, PVC notch plates, PVC fixing for eliminators & louvers, PVC doors, PVC sheets, PVC furniture, HVAC spares, etc.....

PVC: An Introduction :

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC, widely used as a thermoplastic polymer, has tremendously been demanded in diverse industries. It can as well be considered as the most indispensable product utilized for varied purposes in almost every industry like humidification & ventilation plant, air condition plant, cooling plant, chilling plant and construction (building) industry, textile industry, power plant industry, coal plant, medical industry, chemical industry, etc.

Know Us

Utilizing the polymer power, we, LG Extrusions, have transformed PVC in almost every form of usage. We are a renowned manufacturer, exporter, distributor, trader and supplier of a wide range of PVC products like PVC mist eliminators, PVC mist louvers, PVC pipes, PVC diffusers, PVC grills, PVC eliminators fixing, PVC louvers fixing, LG type square louver, PVC notch plates, etc. We specialize in manufacturing humidification & ventilation plant spares, etc. and also provide PVC furniture, PVC doors, PVC sheets, etc.

The widest possible range of PVC products has fetched us the accolades of a wide client base in India and in various countries worldwide. Established in the year 2005, we have, in a short span of time gained immense name and fame owing to the immaculate quality of our PVC products. With the sole aim of attaining total customer satisfaction through dedicated services and excellent quality, we are continuously walking on the path of success.

PVC Product Range

LG Extrusions is a progressive concern engaged in the polymer industry and offering a wide range of PVC products suitable for diverse industrial usage. We are a manufacturer, exporter, distributor, trader and supplier of the following range of PVC products

  • PVC Mist Eliminator
  • PVC Mist Louver
  • PVC Pipe
  • PVC Diffuser
  • PVC Grill
  • LG Square Louver
  • PVC Notch Plate
  • HVAC Spares 
  • PVC Doors
  • PVC Sheets
  • PVC Furniture, etc.


Quality is the first and the foremost concern at LG Extrusions. As quality and customer satisfaction are interrelated, we realize their crucial role in the determination of the success of the company. Our PVC products are manufactured through latest German technology which imparts them the requisite quality and durability.

We abide by the international standards of quality and thus keep a vigilant check on all the manufacturing processes. Our products are high on performance and function even in adverse situations. We also ensure that they are delivered to our customers well within the stipulated time frame. Thus we offer our clients a perfect blend of superior products and excellent services at competitive prices.


A highly motivated workforce is also another asset of the company. Comprising of skilled technocrats, engineers, and many others, our workforce leaves no stone unturned in taking the company to heights of success.

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