Cellulose Paper Pad

    PVC Mist Eliminator

Assembly Parts for Fixing :

  LG 78 PVC Eliminator   PVC T-200 Eliminator   PVC T-100 Eliminator  
  LG 78- Profile width 220 mm
For use at a Pitch of 30mm
  T-200 - Profile width 150 mm
For use at a Pitch of 30 mm
  T- 100 - Profile width 170mm
For use at a pitch of 25mm
  PVC 6 Pass Eliminator   4 Pass PVC Eliminator   M 56 PVC Eliminator  
  6 Pass- Profile width 255 mm
For use at a Pitch of 29.5 mm
  4 Pass - Pofile width 170 mm
For use at a pitch of 29.5 mm
  M-56 Type Profile width 250 mm
For use at apitch of 30 mm
  PVC Box Type Arrangement   PVC Box Type Arrangement   Wall Mounting Arrangement  
  1. PVC Eliminator
  2. PVC Horizontal Stiffener with PVC Spacer Bar
  3. M. S. HDG Bracket at Top
  4. M. S. HDG Bracket at Bottom
  5. PVC Vertical Stiffener
  6. M. S. HDG Tie Bars with  end Clamps
  7. M. S. HDG Bottom Angle
  8. M. S. HDG Ceiling Clamp
  9. M. S. HDG L Shape Hole Fast
  10. M. S. HDG Middle Clamp
  11. M. S. HDG Hole Fast (Wall Mounting)
  12. M. S. HDG Bracket (Wall Mounting)
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